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Welcome to the Lost Legion of Dunharrow's website. We are a close knit group of friends who decided to create a kinship dedicated to helping each other and enjoying each others company. Our Play style could be best defined as Casual Hard Core. We routinely schedule raids...and other events as well. As a new kinship on the scene, born from the ashes of an old way, we have forged an alliance with the kinship Weapon of Choice and work together to accomplish all that exists in the game with a focus on endgame content. It is our hope that as time goes on and the interest in other games perks up we can all stay together.
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Language Useage

by Melodreth, 2836 days ago

There has apparently been some confusion or blatant disregard to the chat rules that have been in place since BEFORE the kinship has been founded.

This is non negotiable nor up for discussion. These rules are for Recruits, Members, Officers, and the Leader. The following are the rules for kinchat, /llod chat and Ventrilo:

1) Curse words are acceptable in small doses. We've all done it. But repeated usage of curses are not allowed.

2) Any language that degrades or demeans any person...regardless of if that person is either in game or out of game, the kinship as a whole or its leadership is forbidden.

3) Comments of a sexual, homophobic, racist, or religious nature are also forbidden.

All cases will be dealt with swiftly and on a case by case basis that will be based on what position the offender has in the kinship. First offense will be met by a verbal warning from an officer. Subsequent offensives dealt with a punishment that is determined by the leadership.

I respect each and everyone of you so much to a point that I make it an effort to not curse and keep my head out of the gutter, As I hope you all respect me as well.

If you have any questions plz ask me.
Thank you for baring with me.

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Forum Users

by Melodreth, 3098 days ago

In order to cut down on the confusion on behalf of the leadership....

I would ask that if your User name is different from the one that you use in game.....Plz let us know.

Thank You.

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Password and Contact info

by Melodreth, 3116 days ago

We, the leadership, suspect that there was a hacker attack on a fellow Kinmate account. We tried our best to thwart the efforts of this heathen but it remains to be seen what damage has been done. In response...I would like to suggest that each of you do the following:

1) If you have not changed your login/password in the last couple of months I would strongly and highly recommend that you do so. Also...I would make sure that your virus/firewall is both up-to-date and has run a sweep of your computer. When running the sweep I would make sure that your settings are set to look at your whole comp...not just a little chunk of it.

2) I would also like to ask you all to a) make sure your email is correct in your "user profile" and to check the "allow site admin to send you email" box and update it. This will allow us to get ahold of you via email incase of an emergency or if you disappear for a while we can reach out and touch you.

Im toying with the idea of starting a list with everybody's email on it but I haven't made a decision on it at this point. Ill let you all know once I make it.

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