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re: Kinship Charter

Lost Legion of Dunharrow Kinship Charter

Section A (the obvious)

1. The Charter applies to all members of llod regardless of position held within llod.

2. It is the responsibility of all llod members to thoroughly read the charter as it will be assumed that all members have read the charter.

Section B (general stuff)

1. Cheating, hacking and/or exploiting by a member of llod is shunned upon.

2. Any violation of a EULA (End User License Agreement) is strictly prohibited for any software we use or game we play.

3. Any violation of a TOS (Terms of Service) is strictly prohibited for any services we use or systems we subscribe.

4. Any use of adult language can be used if all parties are in agreeance with such language. If a person disagrees with adult language being used, then we should respect their wishes and not use such language.

5. A member of llod will conduct himself or herself in an honorable manner when dealing with their fellow members, their Weapon of Choice sister members, and with those who are non-members of this kinship.

6. If a problem or problems arise within the game, the member will have a choice to voice their concern openly via kinchat or to an officer. The officer or representative person who was in kinchat at the time will address this to the current leader upon which the leader will make a decision on how to resolve the issue at hand.

7. Members of llod are to respect the decisions of the leadership. Members are free to disagree and discuss any matters that are of concern. However this does not necessarily mean that the leadership will change a decision. The ability to append and/or review a decision is up to the leader in how he/she wishes to resolve it. If going through a democratic way to solve any decision that may arise and that decision gets hung or unresolved, the leader will arbitrate accordingly.

8. All members must use ventrilo during sanctioned kin activities. A mic isn't required, but everyone must be able to listen in. If people are having problems using ventrilo, then ingame chat will be used.

9. All members are 18+ with exceptions to those who are family and friends already in the kinship.

10. All active members have a say on new applicants. This is not to say it takes only one of the current members disliking that applicant for him/her to be barred into joining llod, but it is very important to us to provide a comfortable environment to existing members.

11. All Members are equal in status and rank and have an equal voice in all matters that concern the kinship. The only difference between the 2 ranks is that Officers are able to invite new recruits to the kinship.

12. Advancement in the kinship is up to the general discretion of the Kinship Leader. Basic criteria to be used is as follows: Amount of time member has been in kinship, how active that member is in kinship activities, and how said member interacts with the rest of the kinship. Since we are all equal it is entirely possible that all active members are Officers.

13. 90 Days Inactivity will result in a demotion of Officers to Member status. Promotion will occur after member has been active again for enough time to the satisfaction of the Kinship Leader.

Section C (Loot Policies)

1. All members of llod are required to adhere to any loot system and intra-kinship economy as set by the leadership of llod.

2. The "1" Rule: On all rolls, a roll of "1" beats a roll of "99" but a roll of "100" beats all.

3. Kinship Raid Looting has 2 sections:
A)For The DN Instance, a seperate list for armor coins (or teal items) and first age tokens exist. Each member before being on the list must have a spot on the DKP list. Once that requirement has been met, it is the member's responsibility to talk to the raid leader and be added on the list if you so desire DN armour. You will get your items as you participate in raids providing you are next on the list. If you aren't present, you will get skipped, but will still hold your position in line for any future raids in this instance that you participate in.

At this time Raids such as the Turtle and Vile Maw(Watcher) have been relegated to "roll" status. As Newer Instances come up and replace the current end-game content, older content will subsequently be demoted in this fashion at such point as determined by the Kinship Leadership.

B)For Mirkwood(BG) and any other 12-24 man Raid that subsequently get released a DKP system will be in place for each raid. The rules for that is as follows:
1)At start of week(Thursday) all Members on Dkp List recieve 100 points plus whatever boss kill points are carried over from the previous week. Minimum pts to start a week is 100 pts.
2) 5 pts are awarded for 100% On-time attendance when signed up for the previous week.
3) Easy Mode Boss Kills are awarded 10 pts, Hard Mode 20 pts.
4) Armour Pieces are distributed to the winner of the highest roll based on their TOTAL pts. ( /roll(total pts) ). Person who wins piece then loses all points accumulated to that point in time and starts at the beginning of the next week with 100pts.
5)Jewelery Pieces are distributed in same way as Armour pieces with one difference. The winner has the points they rolled and won with deducted, ie....boss kill pts are not lost.
6)1 Armour piece per person per week.
7)This system is for all kinship sponsored raids including WOC and PUGS...non-kinship members can and will be placed on this list as they raid with us and will subsequently be updated as such.

4. Any members of llod participating with WoC or other kinship sponsored raids will respect their loot system as well.

Section D (Raiding Policies)

1. If a member would like to have certain characters introduced into raids those characters MUST be raid ready and ontime. This means your level must be compliant to the lvl of the instance that is being attempted and that your character must be suffiently traited for the virtues needed for said instance and sufficently geared for the encounter by the time specified by the announcement for that raid on either the Message of the day, forums, or rapid raid. If you wish to be guaranteed a spot in the raid....signups are mandatory. Showing up on time is also a must.

2. Don't be shy. As a team we are stronger if we work together. The more input the more improvements, be it character strategy or instance strategy. Keep an open mind to criticism and new things to try. During raids, keep comments to yourself. However, if you have an idea or see a problem, send a tell to the raid leader. Let the raid leader and assistant deal with issues coming up. You are free to share any ideas via ventrilo or raid chat before or after raid attempt...never during...let your leader lead.

3. All reprimands will be dealt with privately, if the raid leader sees a problem, he will send him/her a private tell about that problem. It is expected that he/she do their best to correct that problem in a reasonable time frame. If a raid member sees a problem with another, that member will send the raid leader a tell and the raid leader will deal with it accordingly.

4. While we do not expect members or applicants to be online every night and casual play is welcome, keep in mind if more members want to raid than what the current quota requires, it is upto the discretion of the raid leader upon whom he/she will take into the raid.

5. If we're short of members wanting to raid, we will ask Weapon of Choice members if they have any available members that wish to join us. It is up to the discretion of the raid leader to get pugs involved in raids if we still have vacancies at that point.

6. LLOD strives for excellence from all members that wish to raid. We expect to see our raiders play well and give the best effort possible when raiding. This does not mean they must be familiar with current endgame content but that they should know their class well and their various jobs within that raid/instance.

7. And finally, please have a good attitude, a willingness to learn, and a sense of humor. Raids are meant to be fun, but there is an element that we need to get down to business when the need calls for it.

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