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*** Our DKP System for LOTRO-

1) 5 PTS TOTAL for signing up on the forums for the raid and showing up on time...must do both to get the 5 pts..

2) 10 pts per boss kills( 20 BG hard mode) ..

3) 1 armor per person a week....

4) STARTER PTS start over every thurs ( lock reset day) with 100 pts ( these are called starter pts) every single person gets them PLUS their personal boss kill pts ... Say the week before i had 2 boss kills, id start with 120, easy enough...

5) The 100 pts DO NOT carry over to the next weeks, JUST your boss kill pts and if a friend raids with us ( WoC member or friend) their boss kill pts are recorded and saved and they get 100 starter pts also...

6) NOW to also CAP PTS this happens.. Say Melo has killed 17 bosses ( 170pts) and hasnt won armor yet.. He would ./roll 270 for a ARMOR PIECE and say he wins with a 25, leaving him 245pts... then next thurs his pts reset to 100 .. he loses his BOSS KILL pts so it makes him even with others ( plus he has a armor piece) So if you win a armor piece OR a TEAL Jewellary piece that week you start over at 100 the next week and go from there..

7) Say Melo ./roll 270 and wins a PURPLE JEWELLARY PIECE with a 25, leaving him 245pts... he KEEPS the 145pts ( Boss kill pts) and at start of next thurs (plus the 100 starter pts) so he'd still have 245pts....

8) You only reset if u win armor the week before...

9) Also if Melo had won with a roll of 200 for the jewellary, leaving him 70 pts.. the next week he would start at 100.. lowest you can start a week is 100 but during the week you can be lower then 100 if u roll big and win...

10) NO DKP spliting meaning the winning roll IS NOT split up and givin back.. pts just gone... they do all this to keep totals down and they want to raid more then anything for the challenge and yes loot always helps...

11)Also the system is for EACH RAID.. BG pts dont get used in a new raid only in the BG raid..

12) I will make a post for each raids pts so EVERYONE can see them daily.. EVERYONE would get pts... AND after every raid i would post who won what so we have a running tab on the items won...

*** Link to Annum / Hele armor stats we made-


*** LLOD Chat Channel -

our custom chat channel, LLOD communicates with members from Lost Legion of Dunharrow and Weapons of Choice. To join this channel, you can go /joinchannel LLOD. Then whatever user # that channel is assigned to, you just use /# like described above to communicate in that.

*** Raid Rules -

1. Make sure your toon is properly equipped for the scheduled raid (i.e. correct armor, best jewellry, etc...), and please repair yourself beforehand. Don't show up in broken equipment.

2. Put your best effort to be on time for scheduled raids. The upcoming raids are mentioned in Rapid Raid..

3. For the gated raids, make sure your toon has learned all the legendaries and class traits. Also, trait the legendaries and class traits that will benefit the raid the most. (i.e. for the most part, you don't really want a LM traited master of nature's fury or a minstrel warrior's skald especially if they're role is not dps)

4. Please make sure your raiding virtues are at least rank 10 ( rank 12 would be best ). If you're unsure on what virtues to equip, ask your raid leader or class leader. At times, different raids may require you to equip different virtues.

5. Morale/Power goals (unbuffed @ LVL 75)

a. If you're a casting class (LM, minstrel, RK)..have your morale 6000+, 4500+ power, and 1000+ ICPR
b. If you're a medium armor class (Hunter, Burg)..have your morale 6000+, 2500+ power, 700+ ICPR
c. Captain class...morale 9000+, power 2500+, 800+ ICPR
d. Champions, wardens, guardians...morale 9000+, power 2000+, 600+ ICPR

6. Make sure you have plenty of consumables on you. Please make sure you have plenty of health, power, and stat removal pots, regen/stat food, and at least 2 +5 hope/30 min tokens. Having scrolls is a plus. Don't depend on others to supply any consumable stuff for you. If you need it made, ask a crafter beforehand.

7. If you're not the raid leader or if the raid leader says otherwise, please don't use chat during raid attempts, use /ra if you need to communicate something. Only use chat if you have to communicate something quickly in an emergency situation.

8. Remember, put your best effort toward any raid attempt and do your best to execute what the raid leader instructs you to do. Remember your role in a raid and stick to it. For the most part, it isn't necessary for a minstrel to be attacking if healing is her primary role.

*** Raid Times -

MON 7:30
TUES 7:30

*** Raid Classes and Rapid raid -

Sign up on rapid raid if you want to raid..
Raid requires the right classes to Have a good raid so if say 5 hunters sign up we will try to get some to bring other toon if possible or some will sit and go next raid.. I try to get everyone possible in depending on classes needed..

*** The 1 Rule -
If its a kin event and a 1 is rolled, that beats everything other then a 100 ( 1 is like rolling a 99.5 )


Port is 3904
ask for password ingame..
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